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These profiles are regarded as unvalidated because our curators failed to find any orthogonal support from existing literature. We encourage the community to perform experiments and/or point us to literature that our curators missed in order to support these profiles.
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UN0427.1 NF-YB1 Oryza sativa Heteromeric CCAAT-binding factors NF-YB
UN0428.1 ONAC127 Oryza sativa GCM domain factors NAC
UN0429.1 ONAC127 Oryza sativa GCM domain factors NAC
UN0430.1 ONAC127 Oryza sativa GCM domain factors NAC
UN0431.1 bHLH172 Zea mays Basic helix-loop-helix factors (bHLH)
UN0432.1 Zm00001d042907 Zea mays GRAS
UN0433.1 Zm00001d024644 Zea mays Tryptophan cluster factors Myb-related
UN0434.1 Zm00001d013777 Zea mays Tryptophan cluster factors Myb-related
UN0435.1 Kar4 Saccharomyces cerevisiae
UN0436.1 ATbp Drosophila melanogaster C2H2 zinc finger factors More than 3 adjacent zinc fingers
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